Early Childhood Education in Minnesota

Early childhood education and care has a strong, rich history in the state of Minnesota. One of the major strengths is the number of programs and their accessibility. Programs and services range from those based in schools and other centers to those offered in private homes. Some programs and services receive state and/or federal funding, while others rely solely on the payments of their participants. As many early childhood professionals know, this strength is also a weakness. Minnesota's youngest children and their families would benefit from a better aligned and coordinated early childhood system.

Purpose of this Site

  1. To serve as a hub for the early childhood community in Minnesota.
  2. To help connect the early childhood community and strengthen relationships between and among providers.
  3. To provide a common space for sharing, collaborating, and learning about the latest news that affects our programs and the children and families we serve.
  4. To share expertise and experience.

How to use this Site

By definition, a wiki is a website that allows the creation and editing of any number of interlinked web pages via a web browser using a simplified markup language. Early childhood professionals from a variety of programs/services are able to create and edit information in their interest areas.
Since this is a hub, most information is available at the organization's website, in which this wiki will connect you.
Some school- and center-based programs are listed in the top tool bar. Some valuable resources and services are listed on the left side bar.
If a program, service or topic is too large, and deserving of its own wiki (e.g. child care, PreK-3), it will be interlinked on this page.